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2 min readJun 13, 2022

Creature Hunters is an online defense game built on blockchain technologies NFT. You can defend against relentless enemy attacks, annihilate, and get rewards according to the outcome. In automatic fighting mode, it also provides users with easy access and high convenience for prizes.

Creature Hunter game is about to be released in the near future and is predicted to become the most popular game in 2022. Because it has a very easy, safe, and secure system of rules and principles to participate. Ensure fairness and transparency for players.

Some of the rules and regulations of the game Creature Hunters can be mentioned below:

  1. Game Principle and Rules
  • When players hunt creatures, they are rewarded, primarily with items that increase experience and each ability, as well as ringer and hamburgers to supplement the players’ gaming life.
  • Accumulate experience points. This area is used to improve abilities and skill levels.
  • Players must improve each of their five robots’ abilities and skills. To do so, players must obtain SPOT through battle and hunt stronger creatures. Furthermore, player will be able to receive a wide range of rewards through battles.
  • When the user’s five robots are upgraded and strengthened, the approaching creatures become stronger as well.
  • Players must make good use of their items in order to effectively defend and attack the enemies. When a powerful creature appears, players can summon the combined robot to increase their chances of winning a more exhilarating and exciting battle.

2. Extensive Gameplay Principle

  • The combined card is another item capsule, and you have to buy and use it to awaken each robot.
  • Combining must be done in the game’s ‘Inventory’ menu, and when combined, it is completely unpredictable what kind of good options and features will emerge, and the combined robot is immediately saved in the game’s ‘Inventory’ as an NFT. Profits from sales or rental of excellent combined robots can also be generated.
  • The 5 robots — Hunters will awaken and become NFT items as a result of the combination. They will automatically appear and respond to dangerous situations during the battle and eliminate the creatures for the players.
  • Because inventory boxes are limited, players must race to purchase and acquire more empty inventory boxes if they want to awaken a large number of robots through combination.

To become a game player of Creature Hunter, please purchase CHTS to begin playing game and enjoy it. For more information, follow our official channels to make sure don’t miss any information about events, activities, or rewards of Creature Hunter.

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Puzzle Hunters

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