Creature Hunters — The easiest NFT game to play, and get the reward in 2022

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3 min readMay 13, 2022

Creature Hunters is an online defense game built based on blockchain technology. When players take part in the game, they will role-play as a warrior coming from the universe with wonderful power. Defending against constant attacks from enemies to earn rewards based on their performance. In the first days when beginning this project, Creature Hunter wants to create a playground where people can easily start the game and get a high reward. In addition, a game gives users a new NFT game experience, a new NFT game method, and a reward form to increase users’ participation, reflect the value of effort and game participation results, and provide high satisfaction to users

This is an easy NFT game to participate in and get the rewards. Users just have basic steps to become a member of Creature Hunter.

  1. The first condition to play the game.

Users must connect with Metamask when starting for the first time. After that, we continue with the following steps:

  • Add the CHTS token to the wallet.
  • Purchase the required amount of CHTS from an exchange that sells CHTS tokens
  • Send the amount of CHTS that users want to their Metamask wallet.

2. The basic condition to play a game.

  • When playing the game for the first time, the user 5 robot characters who will help them protect the Earth.
  • To fully own 5 robots, users must purchase a CHTS NFT card.
  • After purchasing the CHTS card (NFT), the users can use it to acquire 5 robots at random.
  • Based on the design and characteristics of each robot character, five randomly selected robots have slightly different unique abilities and skill values.
  • If the user does not like the robot’s characteristics and skills, they can purchase the remaining CHTS card to obtain the robot character again at random.
  • CHTS cards cost between 30.000 and 50.000 won on average. However, 70% of CHTS card sales are used as a reward pool to smoothly provide CHTS to users when they play games to earn CHTS, such as mission rewards, battle mode rewards, and event rewards.

3. Robot’s abilities and skills introduction

  • Every robot has 4 basic abilities: physical strength, speed, defense and attack power with the character expressing power based on the value of the each ability. Players can, however, immediately increase the value of each ability by purchasing item.
  • There are 3 skill option, each with a unique attack style and damage. Player can improve their skill level by buying item for each skill.
  • Each robot’s basic ability and skill can be gradually improved by obtaining a winning station point in the game through creature hunting and mission completion.

Shortly, Creature Hunters will become one of the most NFT games that have teeming players because of its ease and excitement of it. Moreover, Airdrop, Bounty, KOL Gamplay Streaming, Game Contest, and other activities will continue to be invested in and developed by Creature Hunters. Following us to don’t miss any information about it.

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