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2 min readMay 20, 2022

Creature Hunters is a multiplayer online defense game built on blockchain technology NFT. You can defend against relentless enemy attacks, annihilate, and get rewards according to the outcome. In automatic fighting mode, it also provides users with easy access and high convenience for prizes.

In addition, this game is expected to become the most popular “play-to-earn” game in 2022. Because it has easy to play and basic conditions to take part in the game, users are uncomplicated to begin playing the game, and easy to get a high reward from this.

As a result, Creature Hunters players need to remember the following ways to play to more easily get the rewards from the game.

  1. Playing in diversity play mode.

Creature Hunter has diverse play modes such as auto-match battle and PvP battle. In auto-match battle, players can enable auto-matching, making it easier to mine CHTS. The CHTS rewards in each match may differ depending on the NFT grades and characteristics. Moreover, in PvP battle mode. After selecting the best NFT character, players will automatically participate in various battles against other players, and the winner will be rewarded with CHTS.

2. Get more from rank reward.

Players can earn CHTS based on their game ranking. The higher the ranking of the players achieves, the greater the amount of the reward that they can achieve.

3. Taking part in Mini-game “Khaldia Hunt”.

The player is free to join a web-based minigame, where they have to search for station points, do dice battles with the creatures and win the Khaldia pieces in return for free CHTS.

Three ways listed above have enticing rewards, are free to participate in, and are easy to win. Help you earn more rewards and received more CHTS. Be sure to remain up to date and informed about the most exciting events by following our official channels to don’t miss any informations about them.

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