Launching The Monster Hunts Event with Rewards Up To 100,000 CHTS

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2 min readJul 18, 2022


In order to welcome the launch of the official game version Creature Hunters team would like to introduce an exciting experiential event, the Monster Hunt and the opportunity to increase rewards for potential followers and gamers of CREATURE HUNTERS

👏 Participate in The Monter Hunts Event and stand a chance to receive a special reward up to $ 7,000 ( ~100,000 CHTS) and 1 CHTS per valid hunting submit


  • The great mission is to win and Puzzle battles with as many types of monsters as possible, and collect screenshots of as many types of monsterous creatures as possible.
  • Minimum 9 images. In case the duplicated images will not be counted.
  • When a player has finished their turn or feels that they have collected enough images of creatures, please post and publish your results in your personal news feed to the following SNS platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • The content of the post is attached to the following content:
  • Creaturehunters.wolds
  • Hastag: #CreatureHunters #GameLaunch #Minigame
  • Collect link Facebook post, post Twitter, post Instagram into the following link form [Link submit]

*There would be also additional tasks that need to be fulfill outlined in the form (submit Wallet Address, Telegram Account, Discord Account and follow official channels)

  • Each complete and valid submission will be recorded by our Creature Hunters team and considered to send rewards

Note: Remember to make it public so we can verify your involvement in this event.


  • We will create a link Form so you can fill in the link of your post. You need to note that the link cannot be modified and can only be filled out once.
  • The link Form will be attached to the article on all the channels that you follow.


  • Przie Pool $7,000 (100.000 CHTS)
  • Minium 2,500 pizes
  • 1 CHTS reward for every unique monster submitted (maximum 40 CHTS rewards for 40 monsters, unlimited submission)

We will have an official announcement with specifics regarding the launch event date soon, so follow us to get the latest event updates and don’t miss out on the latest activities.

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