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Puzzle Hunters
3 min readJun 23, 2022

Creature Hunters is a blockchain-based online combination between puzzle and battle game based on the same-named animation by Hitoshi Mogi and Chstudio. The Creature Hunters project aspires to build a game that provides people satisfaction and delight. We want to make a game where everyone can play for free, obtain prizes quickly, and benefit from our long-term NFT ecosystem.

How many is game mode in Creature Hunters?

You will have four major ways to get involved with the Play To Earn System are Auto-Match Battle, PvP Battle, Ranking Reward, and Mini-game “Khaldia Hunt”. First mode is Auto-Match Battle: Players can turn on auto-matching to make mining CHTS easier. Depending on the NFT grade and attributes, the CHTS prizes in each match may vary. Next, PvP Battle, players will automatically join in various battles against other players after picking the best NFT character, with the winner receiving CHTS. Ranking Reward: Based on their game ranking, players can get CHTS. The higher the players’ standing, the greater the amount of reward they can get. Mini-game “Khaldia Hunt”: Players can participate in a web-based minigame in which they must search for station points, fight enemies with dice, and win Khaldia pieces in exchange for free CHTS.

How to get a high profit when playing Creature Hunters?

Players at Creature Hunters can earn awards or profit from P2P NFT transactions in a variety of ways. Players can obtain additional benefits by purchasing a premium character, which is a blend of NFT characters. By engaging in various special events, these premium character cards can be utilized to earn more CHTS. Players can purchase an NFT Premium Card, which is a mix of NFT Characters Cards. The premium NFT can then be used to take part in a variety of special activities and earn additional CHTS exclusive presents.

Furthermore, the Premium NFT offers the potential to enter into personal rental agreements with actual players, direct peer-to-peer Hunter rental agreements, and even share teamwork benefits. Players that are unable to gain these premium characters may collaborate to obtain digital tokens if they have the time and expertise to optimize their digital assets. Players are urged to focus on optimizing all of their characters and polishing their abilities and talents in order to become the center of the game ecosystem. A system like this might provide gamers with more awards and revenue-generating opportunities. The game’s aesthetics are now being finalized, and the beta version will be released as soon as feasible.

Creature Hunters would ensure users have the best thrills, excitement, and rewards to immerse themselves in our NFT game with easier access and reward policy, with the theme of Creature Hunters animation made by a group of world-renowned producers, creators, and specialists. As a result, anyone can play the game for free, earn prizes, and develop an NFT ecosystem through NFT interaction based on users’ efforts, capacities, and free will. We’re all learning and growing at the same time.

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Puzzle Hunters

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